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MAPA Performers

Mapa PerformersThe students at St. Joseph Early Learning Center got to experience a live performance from MAPA (Maui Academy of Performing Arts) on Thursday, January 12, 2017.

The play was called "Pupuli's Planet in Perl" and it relayed the story of gobble warming and how we can prevent the negative impacts on the environment.

The students enjoyed the funny charterers in the play and it was a great way to start the year.


St. Joseph Students at Craft FairCraft Fair - The annual St. Joseph Christmas Craft Fair was the place to be...even Santa was there shopping for goodies and taking time to hear what people wanted for Christmas. Pictured here are twin sisters Isla and Aubrey Burgart parishioners and students at St. Joseph Early Learning Center telling Santa they wanted ukuleles for Christmas. The event was well attended and featured over 24 crafters and vendors from all over Maui County. There was lots of food, live entertainment and fun for all. Thank you to all who help make this fundraiser a success and Merry Christmas.

Halloween BlessingHalloween - Fr. Drexel Ramos starts the Halloween festivities with a blessing. The photo shows the students joining Fr. Ramos in the sign of the cross before they  march around the school for the traditional Halloween parade. The day started with a pumpkin contest won by Butterfly Class student Kyler Chong Kee and he recived movie tickets for his family. After the parade they students changed into their hand-made school bat t-shirts made individually my the students. Then they enjoyed a goodie exchange within the classrooms with hand made treat  baskets. The early learning center is now gearing up for the up-coming Christmas Craft Fair on November 19th on campus. Every one is welcomed to join the students and staff celebrate the gift of Christmas Season.

Maui Country FarmMaui Country Farm - Our St. Joseph Early Learning Center students posing proudly among the array of pumpkins found at the Kula Country Farm for a pumpkin patch field trip. They enjoyed a beautiful day of touring the grounds, a walk through the corm maze and each student got to take home individual pumpkin. The best part was finding and voting for that special large pumpkin they will use as their classroom pumpkin to carve on Halloween Day for the traditional pumpkin carving contest. It was the perfect beginning to the month of October and the harvest season. The students are also gearing up for their up coming Christmas Craft Fair that will be taking place at the school grounds on Sat. Nov. 19th 2016. It will be our first fundraiser for the year... Happy Halloween to all!

SJS Staff and Fr. James Orsini Staff Retreat - The Staff of the St. Joseph Early Learning Center enjoyed fellowship, blessing and renewl from their recent staff retreat. The retreat took place at St. Theresa Church in Kehei and was facilitated by Fr. James Orsini. The theme this year was "The Year of Mercy". The teachers and religious education leader celebrated in a privet mass, participated and helped serve at the Hale Kau Kau Kitchen and walk through the"Door of Mercy" located on church grounds. Thank you to Monsignor Teri Watanabe, Fr. Jase Orsini staff at the Hale Kau Kau and parish staff at St. Theresa' s Church for all their kindness and hospotality that made or retreat special to all.

SJS Teacher Welcome Welcome Back - The calendar has been updated for the 2016-2017 year. Please be sure to check it and download a copy for your records.



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